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Ira & Son Comprehensive Guide to Shoe Care

Welcome to Ira & Son’s expert shoe care section, where we embrace the craftsmanship of our footwear, made from premium materials designed for comfort and durability. Our guide and recommendations will ensure your shoes stand the test of time, looking and feeling great with each step.

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Shoe Care

Expert Tips for Shoe Longevity

Keep your shoes in peak condition with our simple yet effective care tips. From the benefits of giving your shoes a rest to the wonders of cedar shoetrees and the importance of proper drying techniques, we lay the foundation for extending your footwear’s life. Dive into our expert advice and learn how small habits can yield lasting rewards for your cherished footwear.

The Customer at the Forefront

  • Give your shoes a break to air out, reducing moisture and extending leather life.
  • Utilize cedar shoetrees for less frequently worn shoes to absorb moisture and maintain shape.
  • Allow shoes to dry at room temperature, avoiding direct heat to prevent leather from becoming brittle.
  • Avoid long-term storage in shoe boxes, especially in humid climates, to prevent material deterioration.
  • Before completing an application, test any chemical products on a small, inconspicuous shoe area.
Shoe Care

Cleaning Your Footwear: A Material-Specific Guide

Each shoe material demands its unique care routine, and we’ve got you covered. From the robust full-grain leathers to the delicate patent and oiled leathers, our cleaning guide ensures your shoes stay clean and maintain their integrity and luster. Follow our step-by-step instructions to keep your shoes looking as good as new.

  • Full Grain Leathers: Use a dry cloth for dust and a damp cloth for dirt. Dry naturally and apply a quality cream polish matching your shoe’s color. Avoid liquid polishes and silicone sprays.
  • Beeswaxed and Oiled Leathers: Use a dry cloth and apply a specific cleaner like Penguin P100 Instant Cleaner. Use a leather protector to guard against water (note: may darken the leather).
  • Patent Leathers: Clean with a soft, damp cloth and mild soap. Use a silicone-containing patent leather cleaner for a high gloss.
Shoe Care


Don’t let the weather dictate the lifespan of your shoes. Our waterproofing recommendations offer practical solutions to shield your footwear from moisture and stains. Discover the right products that provide your shoes with a protective barrier without compromising their breathability or color.

To protect your shoes from the elements, we recommend non-silicone sprays or rain/stain repellents for effective weatherproofing.

Shoe Care

Shoe Care Tools and Supplies

The right tools can transform shoe care from a chore into a satisfying ritual. Learn about the essential supplies, from cream polishes that match your shoes’ color to specialized brushes and protective sprays. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to shoe care, we guide you on how to equip your shoe care kit like a pro.

  • Cream Polish: Available in colors to match your Ira’s footwear; easy application with a horsehair brush. It’s not for use on suede or nubuck.
  • Shoe Spray: Protects shoe surfaces and makes cleaning easier, offering water resistance but not waterproofing.
  • Horse Hair Brush: Different colors for various polishes; helps work the polish into leather and removes excess.
  • Suede and Nubuck Care: Use a rubber eraser for dirt and a soft brush for care. Apply a silicone spray for additional protection.
  • Suede Block and Brush: Erase dirt and enhance the appearance with proper brushing techniques.
  • Shoe Horn: Protects the shoe back and maintains shape and fit.
  • Wax Polish: Apply color and shine with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Edge Dressing: Enhances and protects the outsole appearance, available in black or brown.
  • Shoe Trees: Cedar shoetrees can extend shoe life by over 30%, absorbing moisture and maintaining shape.
Shoe Care

Embrace the Craft of Shoe Care with Ira & Son

Caring for your shoes is an art that ensures their longevity and beauty. By following these expert tips and utilizing the right tools and supplies, you can enjoy your footwear for many years.

At Ira & Son, we believe that shoe care is more than maintenance—it’s a testament to the value we place on our possessions and a reflection of personal pride. Our comprehensive guide teaches you the how-tos and instills a sense of enjoyment in the art of shoe care. Visit us in-store for more insights and supplies and to share our passion for footwear that stands the test of time.

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